Seven Travel Tips for Cosmos Girls

Some of these are part of this month's Cosmopolitan magazine's "Great Travel Tips ... By people Who Know Best". Here's the entire list for those who are interested in the full list!

1. Start building a ‘travel fund’ as soon as possible – Travelling is expensive - even if you are a backpacker you are going to be spending. Consistently keep away a little bit of your earnings towards future travel adventures - you have no idea when the opportunity will arise and a girl must always have enough to go on a holiday – at any point in her life!

2. Travel with a friend – Because hotel prices for single rooms are as much as they are for twin & triple share basis, going with a friend is always less expensive and a lot more fun. Beware though that not everyone can travel with everyone. If you are the type who doesn’t blink before dialing room service, then going with a friend who wants to walk a mile to save $1 on a bottle of water is not going to work. Make sure you have common travel interests too – not everyone wants to hang out at the spa or the beach.  

3. Buy the best looking walking shoes you can afford – From Petra to Rome all the way to Machu Picchu - some places require a lot of walking to enjoy & explore the place. So keeping your sun block, hat and sun glasses handy is important. Equally important are a good pair of walking shoes – that don’t leave you with blisters, go well with different color outfits  and look great in photographs. Yes, that’s what you’ll see the rest of your life.

4. Plan nothing on ‘Day One’ of your vacation – Knowing what you will do each day is great but not knowing could lead you to experiences that will make your vacation unforgettable. Keep your first day at a destination free to explore on your own. Talk to the locals and ask for recommendations and then set out to do the things that sound fun to you - packing in as much as you like or can handle. You just may land up for a meal at a local’s home or exploring parts of the destination you didn’t know existed.    

5. Choose your travel style wisely – There are many ways to explore the world and all of them come with their pros and cons. Customising a trip to Mauritius, Bali, London or New York makes sense but combining multiple destinations in Europe, USA, South America etc. can be a headache and not to forget exorbitant. If you want to stretch your vacation dollar when travelling to such places consider an escorted tour. They come in various styles including premium and budget and allow you to see more. Not recommended if you are travelling with young kids.
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6. Use a travel agent to book the tour – Most of what is available on the internet maybe reliable but not everyone has the same needs, perceptions and standards. Online and social media recommendations are best when endorsed by friends, family and your travel agent. Research all that you want to but book with a travel agent. It’s like buying insurance – you will always have someone to call if the need arises and it often does!

7. Keep a vacation bucket list – Knowing what you want and keeping an open mind are core to developing the love of travel. Make a list of all the places in the world that you want to visit. Once you know where you want to go, it is only a matter of time before the opportunity comes up in the form of a cheap off season deal, an office trip or an event worth planning your tour around. Don’t worry if it is a very long list - keeping your travel aspirations alive will align the stars in your favour!  

What's your favourite travel tip, experts?

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