Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 – Count your blessings

They say that you should be careful what you ask for, for you may get what you wanted! 2013 was a year like that. The roller-coaster ride was on a complete high from the word go!

From going back to college (and this time incredibly finishing) to quitting my job to my book finally getting published it was a year so busy that it redefined that four letter word (yes BUSY) for me! And... even if I felt that my time with my children, friends and other family and my running was compromised due my 26 hours a day life – I still found the chance to squeeze in a couple of holidays - one with my bestie Geeta to far-away Norway (sorry dear Japan that you had to be put on the back-burner) and one to Goa with the family – oh so didn’t want that trip to end!

My heart bleeds for the time I missed with my daughters in 2013 as I know only too well that this time will never come back and Aprajta and Gayatri are probably at one of their best times of baby-mummy love. But I love them more than ever now and though I scoff at resolutions (mainly because I don’t keep them), this has to be the one time that I have to commit to myself that I will spend more time with human beings – family, friends and strangers.  Sigh – time is flying and I have les than I had before to do even more things than ever before!

Anyone out there publishing a book in 2014 – let me just tell you guys that launching a book is a full time job. But let’s not complain – I got what I asked for. What I wasn’t expecting is the incredible support that I got from all corners. 2013 made me feel blessed for all the love that came my way – from a surprise trip by my family to the book launch (my husband is such a cutie, I tell ya), to those like Milind Soman, Puneet Rajkumar, Devieka Bhojwani, CII-Young Indians who agreed to share the dais with me. For the love I got from Goldman Sachs (thanks Vaishali), IIM-B, my running buddies, the media, the bloggers, the fans and my so very precious friends and family! Look what you guys have done – I am writing my second book!! 

Now that 2013 has faded into the horizon and I am close to burning out let me just say that I am looking forward to writing my next book, to chatting a lot with my babies, to getting back my running and to my new found professional freedom! I finally close the 8.5 year love affair with the Globus family of brands and embark on a new journey with The Active Holiday Company – where the script of the story is mine to write, the colours of the canvas are mine to choose and you bet that I am going to pull out all those words and colours you didn’t think existed. We all get what we want – we only have to want it!

So get out there and ask for more from life than you ever have.. Have a great one folks!!     


  1. AWESOME!!! God Bless and here's wishing you a FAB 2014 buns! Good luck and i hope you have a FANTASTIC year ahead. Here's wishing you a VERY VERY HAPPY BDAY for trow (will call you trow) but just wanted to be the first to wish you! Hehehe!!! You should also make some time for me this year :))